For 2-part choir and orchestra
Period of composition: 30 Nov 1936 - 27 Jan 1937
Date notes

Britten discussed a 'Marching Song for Dick Sheppard and his League' (the Peace Pledge Union) with Ronald Runcan on 30 November 1936, and wrote much of it that day. The only known manuscript (probably copied out on 10 January 1937) has the accompaniment laid out on two staves, but the published chorus part refers to 'orch.' above the cued introduction, and the scoring was done 18-27 January 1937.

Genre: Choral
Text: Ronald Duncan
Performing forces:

The instrumentation is not known as the full score is missing.

Duration: 4'


Following an approach by Britten himself to Ralph Hawkes the chorus part was printed for the PPU by Boosey and Hawkes in August 1937, but at a meeting of the Sponsors on 15 September 1937 Canon Sheppard reported that the March was not much liked by members, and Canon Stuart Morris's motion that it be withdrawn was carried.