Suite for piano, op. 5
Subtitle: Suite for piano
Other titles: ''New studies'' (first performance title) ''Holiday tales'' (original published title)
Period of composition: 1 Sep - 14 Oct 1934
Date notes

The fair copy was written out from 13-14 Oct 1934.

First performance: 30 Nov 1934 >>
Type of performance: Concert performance
Location: Wigmore Hall, London
Performance details:

Betty Humby pf

Genre: Solo piano
Duration: 16'
Dedication: 'To Arthur Benjamin'


The first performance was given under the title New studies, with the second movement called 'Yachting' (this is the title in the fair copy; it was also the original title in the draft, but was subsequently changed to 'Sailing'). The work was first published as Holiday tales and the current title adopted in a later issue.


  • 1. Early morning bathe >>

    Completed 3 Oct 1934.

  • 2. Sailing >>

    Originally entitled 'Yachting', and was number three in the sequence before publication.

  • 3. Funfair >>

    The composition draft is marked 'Oct 12th 1934', but Britten's diary records the completion date of this movement at 6 Oct 1934. This was originally the second piece in the sequence.

  • 4. Night >>

    Completed 11 Oct 1934.