For solo piano and orchestra, J. opC 11b

Manuscript Sources

main work record
  1. Suite fantastique - 1 item
    TitleSuite fantastique
    SubtitleFor piano and orchestra
    OpusNoJ.OpC 11b
    Date18 Aug-5 Sep 1926

    Dedicated to Mr and Mrs R.V.Britten [Britten's Mother and Father] to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary.

    Extent1 item
    1. Holographs - 1 item
      Date18 Aug-5 Sep 1926
      Extent1 item
      1. Fair copy - 1 manuscript; 51 pages [1r-51v]
        TitleFair copy
        Date18 Aug-5 Sep 1926

        Fair copy with date and title. Each movement is dated and signed at the end and also has a title page containing a list of performing forces. Britten has mistakenly added 'April 21st 1926' at the end of the second movement when in fact it should be August 21st 1926. The piano is only present in the last movement.

        Extent1 manuscript; 51 pages [1r-51v]

        Black ink; 26.3 x 35.7. Paper manufacturer = A L. There are two title pages for this volume. See Title Page of Collected Volume


        ' KIRKLEY / LOWESTOFT / SUITE / FANTASTIQUE / IN A MINOR / Including Presto I - Rondeau - Presto II - Fantasie-Concerto pour piano-orchestra / PAR EDWARD BENJAMIN BRITTEN / DEDICATED TO MR AND MRS R.V.BRITTEN [Britten's Mother and Father] / CELEBRATING THE ANIVERSERY (SILVER) / OF THEIR SILVER [crossed out] WEDDING / ON SEPTEMBER 5TH 1926'.

        'SUITE FANTASTIQUE / Suite Fantastique pour grand / orchestra e con movemento quattro / con pianoforte obbligato / Suite Fantastique pour / [contents listed] / Composed august 18th - September 5th 1926 / Dedicated to Mrs and Mr R.V.Britten [Britten's Mother and Father] on the / silver anniversary of their wedding. / 1 Presto (I) / 2 Rondeau allegro Veloce - Presto - Lento ma non troppo - Presto / 3 Presto (II) / 4 Fantasie - Concerto pour pianoforte e orchestra / allegro Molto Moderato - Presto - allegro Molto Moderato / [signature]'.

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